Every fall, NorCal UVSA hosts our Annual Leadership Summit over the course of three days and two nights for 200-300 attendees. The purpose of our Annual Leadership Summit is to portray the different aspects of our heritage to the community, develop personally and professionally as young adults, and create lasting bonds with our attendees through our common interests of preserving Vietnamese culture and identity.

An outdoor field day hosted by NorCal UVSA to allow our constituent schools to meet each other and engage in friendly competition through physical and mental games.

NorCal UVSA hosts a summer camp over the course of three days and two nights to give our constituents a weekend of bonding and relaxation after a full semester or quarter of school. During this weekend, constituents get to play various games, participate in cooking, and enjoy exploring the wilderness with each other.

An end-of-year banquet to celebrate all of the hard work that our constituent members and staff members have put into the organization. A chance for us to say goodbye to the outgoing eboard, welcome in the newly elected eboard, and celebrate NorCal UVSA Award recipients.

Socials are smaller casual scaled events hosted to create a space where constituents can meet and mingle together while having fun doing a common activity. Some examples include going ice skating, walking around Christmas in the Park, grabbing food, or playing games at Round 1.