The Vietnamese American youth community has organized itself to server different needs over the years, as reflected by these six different organizations from the past:

Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of Northern California (UVSA); 1991-1997

Light Up Our Faith Vietnamese-American Youth Network of Northern California (MLNT); 1999

Vietnamese American Youth for the Future (VAYF); 1999–2001

Vietnamese Student Association Link (VSAL); 1999–2004

Vietnamese Student Association Union of Sacramento (VSAU); 2003–2006

Vietnamese-American Public Research Institute (VAPRI); 2003–2006

Bay Area Vietnamese Student Association (BAVSA); 1999–2008

Established in 2007, the United Vietnamese Student Associations of Northern California (NorCal UVSA) has organized to meet the needs of the current generation of Vietnamese American youth.  The purpose of this Constitution is to establish the structure and foundation of NorCal UVSA as a youth community.

ARTICLE I.    Name

The name of the organization shall be: United Vietnamese Student Associations of 

Northern California or Tổng Hội Sinh Viên Việt Nam Miền Bắc California; hereinafter referred to as UVSA NorCal or NorCal UVSA.

ARTICLE II. NorCal UVSA Foundation 


Section 1.    Vision

The vision of NorCal UVSA is to create a community composed of college students and young professionals that represents a unified and respected voice in the broader Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American communities. 

Section 2.    Mission

The mission of NorCal UVSA is to be a non-profit, non-partisan, community-based organization as a means for youth to organize socially and civically in Northern California.                  

Section 3.    Values 

Subsection A.    Leadership

– Providing guidance and compassion

– Being transparent

– Being fiscally responsible

– Executing duties with mindfulness and integrity 

– Being open-minded and promoting mutual respect 

– Planning and hosting events

– Solving problems and expanding involvement 

Subsection B. Community

– Promoting solidarity among Vietnamese Student Associations

– Providing a platform for engagement with the broader Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American community  

– Creating a culture of collaborative growth  

Subsection C. Education

– Promoting cultural vitality and language

 – Providing resources for personal and organizational growth

ARTICLE III.    Affiliation and Partnerships


Section 1. Relationship with Affiliate VSAs in Northern California

Subsection A. Inclusion and Removal of Affiliates 

Paragraph 1 For a Vietnamese Student Association  to be eligible to become an affiliate of NorCal UVSA, the organization must fulfill the following requirements:

1) The organization must be recognized by its school.

2) A representative from the organization must attend three (3) consecutive Intercollegiate Council (ICC) meetings. ICC meetings will be held weekly and include at least one (1) face-to-face meeting per month.  

3) The organization must host three (3) general events of its own or in collaboration with NorCal UVSAParagraph 2  An affiliate may be put under review for the removal of its affiliate status from NorCal UVSA if one of the three criteria is met:

1) The affiliate has failed to produce a representative at two (2) consecutive ICC    

                                    meetings. One (1) of the missed meetings may be excused provided the  

                                    representative notifies the E-Board of their absence at least one (1) week prior 

                                    to the meeting.

                                      1. The ICC Representative may have a proxy if the ICC representative cannot 

                                           attend and notify the E-Board at least one (1) week prior to the meeting.

                               2) The ICC Representative has missed three (3) meetings over a five (5) week 


                               3) The affiliate is no longer recognized by its school, with the exception of special 


Section 2.     Relationships with Other Entities 

Subsection A.    NorCal UVSA can elect to formalize a relationship with any other entity that does 

                            not go against our mission. NorCal  UVSA can only formalize its relationship with 

                            other entities upon a three-fourth (¾) combined vote of both the current ICC and 

                            E-Board – that relationship cannot extend past the term that created that 

                            relationship but can be renewed by a three-fourth (¾) combined vote of both the 

                            incoming ICC and E-Board of the following term.

Subsection B.    UNAVSA 

  Paragraph 1    As an exception to Article III, Section 2, Subsection A, NorCal UVSA recognizes that it 

                            is part of the community of the Union of North American Vietnamese Student 

                            Associations (UNAVSA), so long as that relationship does not go against NorCal   

                            UVSA’s mission.

  Paragraph 2    The ICC can rescind this recognition upon a majority vote, but only after allowing 

                            UNAVSA representatives to be heard on the matter. Reinstatement must be passed 

                            by a three-fourth (¾) combined vote of both ICC and E-Board.

  Paragraph 3    This subsection shall become completely null and void should the ICC and E-Board 

                            vote unanimously to rescind recognition of its relationship to UNAVSA during any 


Subsection C.    Vingo

  Paragraph 1    NorCal UVSA recognizes its partnership with Vingo regarding ongoing support and 

                            sponsorships for the NorCal UVSA Annual Leadership Summit.

  Paragraph 2    This partnership is predicated upon the alignment of the visions and missions of

                            both NorCal UVSA and Vingo per Article III, Section 2, Subsection A, as both

                            organizations work towards supporting Vietnamese and Vietnamese American   

                            youth and their respective communities with respect to promoting connection 

                            between culture, heritage, and education, as well as vehicles towards 

                            opportunities to empower future leaders.

  Paragraph 3    This partnership shall be sustained from the date of ratification of this constitution 

                            through June 1, 2023, and may become completely null and void should the ICC 

                            and Eboard vote unanimously to rescind recognition of this partnership.

ARTICLE IV.    Offices    

Section 1.     The Intercollegiate Council 

Subsection A.    The Intercollegiate Council (ICC) shall consist of the student representatives from  

                            the affiliate members of NorCal UVSA. There shall be no more than two (2) 

                            representatives for each affiliate school.  Each affiliate school is limited to a single 

                            vote in the ICC.

Subsection B.    ICC representatives shall be chosen every year by the electors of their respective  


Subsection C.    The times, places, and manner of holding elections of ICC representatives shall be 

                            determined by the members whom they represent.

Subsection D.    Terms for the ICC shall start on July 1st of their elected year and end on June 30th  

                            the following year. 

Subsection E.    Probation  

  Paragraph 1    Should the ICC representative violate the code of conduct agreements, they shall be 

                            put on probation from staffing NorCal UVSA and being an ICC representative for a 


Section 2.     The Executive Board 

Subsection A.    The Executive Board (E-Board) shall consist of up to eight (8) officers elected by 

                            members of the E-Board and ICC.  Those officers are as follows:

                               1) President (1-2) 

                               2) Vice-President of Internal Affairs – IVP (1) 

                               3) Vice-President of External Affairs – EVP (1)

                               4) Treasurer (1)

                               5) Secretary (1)

                               6) UNAVSA Council of Regional Representative Representative(s) – CORR 

                                   Representative(s) (1-2)

Subsection B.    Terms for the E-Board shall be for one (1) year starting on June 1st of their elected 

                            year to May 31st of the following year.

Subsection C.    Members of the E-Board, except for CORR Representative(s), shall be no younger  

                            than twenty (20) and no older than twenty-eight (28) years of age at the beginning 

                            of their term, with the exception of special considerations.

Subsection D.    CORR Representative(s) shall be no younger than eighteen (18) and no older than 

                            twenty-eight (28) years of age at the beginning of their  term, with the exception of 

                            special considerations.

Subsection E.    E-board will collectively be one (1) voting member of the ICC.

Subsection F.    E-Board will be the primary authority of NorCal UVSA.

Section 3.     Cabinet Staff 

Subsection A.    The Cabinet Staff shall consist of individuals appointed by the E-Board, and shall 

                            serve the entity that appointed them.

Subsection B.    Cabinet Staff shall be instated by a three-fourth (¾) vote of the E-Board, or a 

                            three-fourth (¾) vote of the ICC.

Subsection C.    Terms of Cabinet Staff shall run concurrently with the E-Board term or once 

                            responsibilities are deemed fulfilled by the appointer.

Subsection D.   Probation

  Paragraph 1    Should the Cabinet Staff member violate the code of conduct agreements, they 

                            shall be put on probation from staffing NorCal UVSA and being on Cabinet Staff for 

                            a year.

Section 4.     Board of Directors 

Subsection A.    The Board of Directors shall consist of prominent individuals in the community, 

                            former NorCal UVSA Alumni and/or UNAVSA Alumni that reside in Northern 


Subsection B.    Appointments for the Board of Directors shall be at the discretion of the acting 


Subsection C.    There shall be no more than five (5) directors.

Subsection D.   Board of Directors will collectively be one (1) voting member of the ICC at the 

                            discretion of the acting E-Board.

Subsection E.    The Board of Directors shall serve one (1) full calendar year with the term of the 

                            E-Board that appointed them.

Subsection F.    Directors shall be instated by a three-fourths (¾) combined vote by the E-Board.

ARTICLE V.    Duties and Powers      

Section 1.     The Intercollegiate Council 

Subsection A.    The responsibilities of the ICC are to: 

  Paragraph 1    Plan and execute events that promote NorCal UVSA’s mission.

  Paragraph 2    Foster the relationship between affiliate members of NorCal UVSA.

  Paragraph 3    Take positions on issues that reflect the opinions of the affiliates they represent. 

                            Any such decisions must be passed by a three-fourth (¾) majority vote.

  Paragraph 4    Elect an ICC chair to facilitate its efforts for each term by a three-fourth (¾) majority 


Subsection B.    The responsibilities of the ICC Chair are to: 

  Paragraph 1    Set times and agendas for all ICC meetings.

  Paragraph 2    Facilitate communication among ICC representatives.

  Paragraph 3    Serve as the official representative of the ICC.

  Paragraph 4    Ensure that the ICC and its members perform the duties required of them.

  Paragraph 5    Maintain ICC’s relationship to the E-Board.

Section 2.     The Executive Board 

Subsection A.    As the administrative support for NorCal UVSA, the E-Board performs those 

                            functions that are necessary to maintain NorCal UVSA as an organization.

Subsection B.    The responsibilities of the E-Board are to: 

  Paragraph 1    Provide advice and guidance to the ICC in the performance of its duties.

  Paragraph 2    Ensure that NorCal UVSA complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

  Paragraph 3    Represent NorCal UVSA to the community. 

  Paragraph 4    Build and maintain NorCal UVSA’s relationship with the community.

  Paragraph 5    Maintain and keep all NorCal UVSA records in an organized and accessible 


Subsection C.    The responsibilities of the President are to:

  Paragraph 1    Maintain general active management of the organization.

  Paragraph 2    Uphold the integrity of the Constitution.

  Paragraph 3    Represent the organization to the public.

  Paragraph 4    Ensure that each committee has a chairperson, and maintain communication with 

                            the chairperson to ensure that their work is executed.

  Paragraph 5    Ensure that board matters are handled properly, including preparation of meeting 

                            materials, the functionality of committees, and orientation of the new Board of 

                            Director members.

  Paragraph 6    Co-sign with the Treasurer on all financial statements for NorCal UVSA.

  Paragraph 7    Co-sign with the Vice-President of Internal Affairs on all contractual agreements 

                            pertaining to NorCal UVSA.

Subsection D.    The responsibilities of the Vice-President of Internal Affairs are to:

  Paragraph 1    Act as the President in the absence of the President.

  Paragraph 2    Keep the E-Board informed of all affiliated VSA activities.

  Paragraph 3    Manage all intra-organizational issues and operations of the E-Board and staff   

                            under the E-Board.

  Paragraph 4    Serve as the principal point of contact for the ICC Chair in maintaining 

                            communication between the E-Board and the ICC.

Subsection E.    The responsibilities of the Vice-President of External Affairs are to:

  Paragraph 1    Act as the President in the absence of the President and the Vice-President of 

                            Internal Affairs.

  Paragraph 2    Act in support of the President in representing NorCal UVSA to the community.

  Paragraph 3    Assist NorCal UVSA in all public relations matters.

  Paragraph 4    Keep the E-Board informed of all matters affecting NorCal UVSA, its affiliated 

                            organizations, and the local Vietnamese and Vietnamese American community.

  Paragraph 5    Review old and consider new partnerships.

Subsection F.     The responsibilities of the Treasurer are to:

  Paragraph 1    Act as the President in the absence of the President, Vice-President of Internal 

                            Affairs, and Vice-President of External Affairs.

  Paragraph 2    Produce an annual budget, maintain records of all transactions, and monitor all of   

                            NorCal UVSA’s activities to ensure that NorCal UVSA remains within the budget and 

                            is fiscally viable.

  Paragraph 3    Provide advice to the ICC with regards to any and all matters involving the finances 

                            of NorCal UVSA.

  Paragraph 4    Ensure the timely processing of financial statements with appropriate government  


  Paragraph 5    Co-sign with the President on all financial statements for NorCal UVSA.

Subsection G.    The responsibilities of the Secretary are to:

  Paragraph 1    Act as the President in the absence of the President, Vice-President of Internal 

                            Affairs, Vice-President of External Affairs and Treasurer.

  Paragraph 2    Keep minutes of all official E-Board meetings, distribute minutes promptly following 

                            each meeting, and provide minutes when necessary.

  Paragraph 3    Collect and maintain ICC meeting minutes.

  Paragraph 4    Inform the E-Board and the ICC of any correspondence addressed to them as 

                            Secretary of the organization.

  Paragraph 5    File any certificates required by any statute, federal or state.

  Paragraph 6    Be the official custodian of the records and seal of this organization.

Subsection H.    The responsibilities of the UNAVSA Council of Regional Representative(s) are to:

  Paragraph 1    Act as the President in the absence of the President, Internal Vice President, 

                            External Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

  Paragraph 2    Assess and monitor the needs of the schools and youth organizations within each 


  Paragraph 3    Serve as a liaison between UNAVSA and NorCal UVSA, with regular reports to the 

                            ICC and E-Board on the activities and actions of UNAVSA. 

  Paragraph 4    Support UNAVSA operations in the region.

  Paragraph 5    This position can be concurrently occupied by a maximum of two (2) people.

Section 3.     Board of Directors

Subsection A.    The responsibilities of the Board of Directors are to:

  Paragraph 1.  Ensure that the organization’s projects, tasks, and actions reflect the overall

                            mission statement outlined in the NorCal UVSA Constitution

  Paragraph 2.   Development and maintenance of strategic plans for NorCal UVSA

  Paragraph 3.   Provide ongoing support and mentorship to the Executive Board and staff


  Paragraph 4.   Conducts official investigations for misconduct violations of the Constitution

  Paragraph 5.   Trains and conducts knowledge transfer for Executive Board

  Paragraph 6.   Facilitates conflict resolution between Executive Board

  Paragraph 7. Engage and work with Alumni Relations Cabinet to maintain relationship with


  Paragraph 8.   Serve as members of the Elections Committee

  Paragraph 9.   Reviews and approves budgets for NorCal UVSA Major Events (Summit,

                            Olympics, Camp) alongside Treasurer 

  Paragraph 10. Has oversight of NorCal UVSA finances

  Paragraph 11. Does not control day-to-day purchases

ARTICLE VI.    Risk Management

Section 1.     Zero Tolerance Policy

Subsection A.   NorCal UVSA has a zero-tolerance policy for any inappropriate behavior in all

                            forms. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:

                            – Alcohol abuse at any NorCal UVSA sanctioned event

                            – Being under the influence of illegal substances at any NorCal UVSA sanctioned 


                            – Promoting or disturbing illegal substances at any NorCal UVSA sanctioned event

                            – Discrimination or discrimatory behavior

                            – Racist remarks or racist behavior

                            – Physical, verbal, or emotional abuse

                            – Sexual misconduct, sexual assualt, and/or allusions to the promotion of sexual 


                            – Any activity that does not comply with the law

                            – Damaging behavior that puts other people or themselves at risk

Subsection B.    Any former or current members of our community suspected of committing such 

                            acts will be subjected to immediate investigation if necessary, removal and

                            prohibition from all NorCal UVSA hosted or sanctioned events. Any person(s) that 

                            has or have been deemed by our affiliated organizations to have committed such 

                            acts are not welcomed in our community.

Section 2.     Confidentiality

Subsection A.    Confidentiality is considered private, valuable, and/or easily replicated

                            information pertaining to NorCal UVSA’s operations, including all non-public

                            information concerning NorCal UVSA, our vendors, suppliers, staff, and volunteers.         

                            The aforementioned information is strictly confidential and access must not be  

                            granted to people who are not affiliated as NorCal UVSA’s staff. Common examples 

                            of confidential information include, but not exclusive to:

                            – Any person’s private information including contact information (date of birth, 

                              phone number, address, personal email address)

                            – Unpublished financial information

                            – Data entrusted to our organization by external partners

                            – A member’s application information (including the fact that someone applied for a 


                            – Unpublished official NorCal UVSA announcements (including staff 

                              announcements, policy changes, registration dates, etc.)

                            – Unpublished results of NorCal UVSA’s initiatives or operations

Subsection B.    Any individuals or entities of NorCal UVSA found to violate another NorCal UVSA 

                            entity or member’s confidentiality and/or privacy will be subject to review and/or 

                            investigation by the NorCal UVSA Executive Board and Board of Directors. 

                            Punishment for a violation of privacy can range from admonishment to 

                            compliance with the law if deemed necessary.

Section 3.     Title IX

Subsection A.    No person in the NorCal UVSA community shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded 

                            from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination 

                            under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. 

                            Title IX includes, but not limited to:

  Paragraph 1    Gender Discrimination as defined by Title IX as the following:

                            – Discrimination or harassment based upon one’s gender (sex)

                            – Unfair treatment, attitudes, or behaviors towards an individual based upon their 

                              gender (sex)

                            – Gender identity discrimination as covered by Title VII

                            – Sexism, sexist attitudes, and sex stereotyping

                            – Unproportionate athletic programs or activities offered to all genders in 

                               relationship to the college’s enrollment

  Paragraph 2    Sexual Assault, Harassment and Violence as defined by Title IX as the following:

                            – Unwanted sexual behavior, advances, or requests for favors 

                            – Unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical sexual conduct

                            – Offensive, severe, and/or frequent remarks about a person’s sex

                            – Harassment of a sexual nature which interferes with an individual’s right to an             

                              education and participation in a program or activity

                            – Sexual abuse or assault, battery, or coercion

                            – Unwanted sexual contact that stops short of rape or completed rape

                            – Use of force or manipulation of unwanted sexual activity

                            – Physical acts where a person is capable of giving consent or is against a person’s 


  Paragraph 3    Retaliation as defined by Title IX as the following:

                            – A strike back in response to another’s action or accusation

                            – A form of revenge or reaction because of a filed complaint against a person

                            – Refusal to promote, advance, or accurately support/qualify a person due to a 

                              complaint filed

  Paragraph 4    Hostile Environment as defined by Title IX as the following:

                            – A situation of discriminatory or sexual nature that has occurred and created an 

                              adverse setting

                            – An intimidating or offensive environment that causes a person to be fearful

                            – A setting that denies, limits, or interferes with a person’s ability to participate in or 

                              benefit from a program, activity, or job

Subsection B     Due Process is a requirement that legal matters be resolved according to 

                            established rules and principles, and that individuals be treated fairly. Due process 

                            applies to both civil and criminal matters.

                           NorCal UVSA does not condone behavior which endangers its constituents or 

                            breaks the law, Should an entity or member of NorCal UVSA as defined by this

                            constitution wish to file an incident report against another NorCal UVSA entity or 

                            member, they may choose to do so per the procedures outlined in this article. This 

                            shall include incidents that occur at NorCal UVSA sanctioned events. Every person 

                            who has an incident report brought against them has the right to fair and impartial 

                            due process. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to ensure this right is 


                            The investigation procedure by the Board of Directors and Executive Board will be 

                            the following:

                               1) If there is an incident report filed or if there is probable cause, NorCal UVSA 

                                   Executive Board and Board of Directors will determine if an investigation is 


                               2) If necessary, an investigation committee will then be formed consisting of 

                                   NorCal UVSA Executive Board and/or Board of Directors; and they will lead the 

                                   investigation. During the investigation, all available evidence will be gathered.

                               3) The evidence will then be presented from the investigation committee to the 

                                   Executive Board.

                               4) All parties involved are required to sign and comply with the nondisclosure 


                               5) The Board of Directors will facilitate the verdict vote of which the Executive 

                                   Board will vote on.

                               6) The verdict will be determined by a majority vote by the Executive Board.

                               7) The verdict will be informed to all parties involved in the investigation.

ARTICLE VII.    Removal of an Officer and Filling Vacancies  

Section 1.     Removal of an Officer 

Subsection A.    The ICC may remove a member of the ICC or E-Board upon a three-fourth (¾) vote.   

                            The person to be removed must be given the opportunity to address the ICC before 

                            it makes its decision.

Subsection B.    A member of the ICC is considered removed if the affiliate it represents chooses to 

                            remove them.  The affiliate school shall determine its own process for removing its 

                            representative from the ICC.

Section 2.     Filling Vacancies 

Subsection A.    The President shall appoint a person to fill any vacancies on the E-Board.  The 

                            appointee must be confirmed by a three-fourth (¾) vote of the ICC.

Subsection B.    In the event of a vacancy on the ICC that belongs to an affiliate organization, the 

                            affiliate organization must fill the vacancy within thirty (30) days.  Should the affiliate 

                            organization not fill the vacancy within thirty (30) days, the ICC may place the 

                            affiliate organization’s membership under review.

ARTICLE VIII.    Quorum 

                            Quorum shall be fifty (50) percent, plus one (1) member, of the voting body. 

                            Quorum is required to conduct any voting within the ICC or the E-Board.

ARTICLE IX.    Bylaws   

                            The provisions of the Constitution shall be carried out in accordance with the 

                            current Bylaws of NorCal UVSA.  Amendments to the Bylaws require passage of a 

                            simple majority vote within the ICC.  This Constitution is considered a higher 

                            authority than the Bylaws.

ARTICLE X.    Elections    

                            Regular elections shall be overseen by the Elections Committee, as outlined within 

                            the Bylaws.

ARTICLE XI.    Amending the Constitution      

Section 1.     Process 

Subsection A.    Proposed amendments to the Constitution must be reviewed and passed by a 

                            three-fourth (¾) vote of the ICC. Those amendments to the Constitution must then 

                            be reviewed and voted upon by the officers of each of the affiliate organizations.  

                            The affiliate organization approves the proposed amendment if three-fourth (¾) of 

                            its officers approve. Amendments are adopted if three-fourth (¾) of all affiliate 

                            organizations approve. Approval of those proposed amendments by the affiliates 

                            must be shown at a constitutional convention that is separate from an ICC 


Section 2.     Notice

                            All offices and their constituents shall be informed fourteen (14) days in advance of       

                            meetings designated for the purpose of making amendments.

ARTICLE XII.    Dissolution      

Section 1.     Process 

                            Dissolution of NorCal UVSA must be by a unanimous vote of both the E-Board and 

                            the ICC, where each member of the E-Board is counted as a vote.

Section 2.     Successorship 

                            The selection of the successor organization shall be approved by a three-fourth (¾) 

                            majority vote of the ICC and be named in the E-Board’s minutes and its Articles of 

                            Dissolution, but need not be named in the motion or petition for dissolution.

ARTICLE XIII.    Ratification      

Section 1.     Member Organizations  

                            The organizations that must consider ratification of this document are those 

                            currently affiliated with NorCal UVSA at the time of its ratification on October 1, 


                            – The Vietnamese Student Association at the University of California, Berkeley (Cal 


                            – The Vietnamese Student Association at the University of California, Davis (VSA at 


                            – The Vietnamese Student Association at San Francisco State University (SFSU VSA)

                            – The Vietnamese Student Association of San Jose State University (SJSU VSA) 

                            – The Vietnamese Student Association at the University of California, Merced (UCM 


                            – The Vietnamese Student Association at Stanford University (SVSA)

                            – The Vietnamese Student Association at the University of California, Santa Cruz  

                              (UCSC VSA)

                            – The Vietnamese Student Association at the University of the Pacific (UOP VSA) 

                            – The Vietnamese Student Association at De Anza College (De Anza VSA) 

                            – The Vietnamese Student Association at Santa Clara University (SCU VSA) 

Section 2.     Process 

                            Each organization must approve the document by at least seventy-five (75) percent 

                            of their officers. This document shall be considered ratified once fifty (50) percent 

                            plus one (1), member organizations approve it.


ARTICLE XIV.    Signatories       

                            The approval of the member organizations shall be represented by the signature of 

                            their current respective ICC representatives of the time of signing.

                            – Alice Truong, University of the Pacific 

                            – Trish Truong, San Francisco State University

                            – Kimberly Tran, Stanford University VSA

                            – Minh Hoang, University of California, Santa Cruz VSA

                            – Cindy Nguyen, University of California, Berkeley VSA

                            – Alicia Luong, University of California, Berkeley VSA

                            – Kathelyn Szeto, Santa Clara University VSA

                            – Jason Tran, San Jose State University VSA

                            – Joey Truong, University of California at Merced VSA

                            – Emily Tran, University of California at Merced VSA

                            – De Anza Community College VSA

                            – Carter Phan, University of California at Davis VSA

                            This approval was witnessed and verified by the active Board of UVSA 2020-2021.

                            – Jenny Nguyen, President

                            – Vice-President of Internal Affairs

                            – Vice-President of External Affairs 

                            – Treasurer 

                            – Aline Kieu, Secretary

                            – UNAVSA Council of Regional Representative

                            – UNAVSA Council of Regional Representative

This Constitution is hereby ratified and shall be the governing document for the United Vietnamese Student Associations of Northern California.