University of California, Davis

Cabinet Members

President: Austina Nguyen
EVP: Huy Nguyen
IVP: Annie Nguyen
Treasurer: Charlie Le
Secretary: Violet Nguyen
Historian: Patricia Woo
Publications: Lance Tran
Culture Show Directors: Daniel Ngo and Kathy Nguyen
Bike-a-thon Director: Jenny Lai

Who We Are & What We Do:

Since being founded 1981, VSA at UC Davis upholds the three pillars: Culture, Community, and Charity. We promote Vietnamese culture by raising awareness on and off campus, reach out to the community by sharing current events and issues that surround the Vietnamese worldwide, and fundraise to donate to a Vietnamese based charity annually. We strive to continue Vietnamese traditions for fear of becoming extinct as the new generation replaces the old. All of this is only possible through the undying dedication of our members and alumni. Our network becomes stronger and stronger with each year which allows us to better maintain our three pillars.