University of California, Berkeley

Fall 2015 Cabinet Members:

– Jonathan Chau, President
– Jackline Vo, Internal Vice President
– Tien Nguyen, Finance Chair
– Anh Huynh and Tu Tran, Culture Chairs
– Donald Nguyen and Hien Nguyen, Historians
– Sally Tran and Athena Fong, Publicity Chairs
– Tien Nguyen, Finance Chair:
– Jasmine Chau, Outreach Chair
– Alyssa Nguyen, Retention Chair
– Tracy Nguyen, Academics Chair
– Hoa Nguyen and Van Nguyen, Intercollegiate Council Representatives

Who We Are and What We Do: 

“The Vietnamese Student Association at the University of California, Berkeley recognizes the importance of understanding emerging narratives about the Vietnamese American experience and offers a means for the Berkeley community to explore this culture.”
Monthly meetings of competitive spirit and hearty chaó or homemade chè; weekly acting, dancing, and rehearsing for the one and the only Culture Show; late nights and early mornings of planning and preparing for the annual VISION program; alumni mixers, dodgeball tournaments, family dinners and study tables, there’s so much to do and so many people to meet with Cal Vietnamese Student Association!
Your ICC Chairs, 2015-2016!
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Cal Vietnamese Student Association Represent at NorCal UVSA Olympics 2015!
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Cal Vietnamese Student Association Spring 2015 Cabinet