Stanford University

Core Members

Co-Chair: Kat Phan
Co-Chair: Lillian Vu
Community Advocacy Chairs: Stephanie Pham & Anna Le
Cultural Chairs: Tony Hua & Emily Nguyen
Culture Night Directors: Cali Nguyen, Savannah Pham, Vanuyen Pham, & Vy Le
Social Chairs: Minh Ngo Duc & Sophia Dao
Public Service Chair: Jeffrey Yu
Public Relations Chair: John Michael Ferrer
ICC Representative: Brian Tran
Financial Officer: Christina Luu
The Stanford Fund (TSF) Officer: Harry Pham
Secretary: Don Le
Mua Lac Hong (MLH) Chairs: Cali Nguyen, Stephany Liu, & Emily Nguyen


Who We Are & What We Do:

Since the spring of 1988, the Stanford Vietnamese Student Association (SVSA) has served as an on-campus family and support network for all of its members. SVSA provides the Stanford community with opportunities to increase awareness of Vietnamese culture. Each year, SVSA hosts various events to spread the knowledge of Vietnamese culture to the community at Stanford and those beyond. Events range from quarterly phở outings to the annual Culture Night Show, a large-scale production showcasing the many traditions of Vietnamese and Vietnamese American culture, from fashion to music to dances. While being active in the Stanford API community, SVSA also works to support the other Vietnamese Student Associations in the area. Through Northern California UVSA, SVSA hopes to play a larger role in the Vietnamese community in the Bay Area. Through these efforts, SVSA hopes to continue building our “gia đình” (family) through outreach to all those interested in Vietnamese culture.