California State University, East Bay

Cabinet Members

  • President: Lisa Le
  • Internal Vice President: Patrick Nguyen
  • External Vice President: Jenny Le
  • Secretary: Henry Lam
  • ICC Representatives: Lisa Le & Jenny Le
  • Treasurer: TBD
  • Historian: TBD

Who We Are & What We Do:

This year, our VSA is being reconstructed from the ground up. We are in the process of rebuilding our club, gaining new members, and forming new connections with people and clubs at our school and outside of our school. As a brand new cabinet, we are still trying to build our friendships and build our bond so we can be able to make all of our VSA experiences the best it can be. As of right we are planning events such as club outings, a potential big and little system, and fundraisers, for example Banh Mi va Ca Phe (Sandwich and Coffee).