The affiliated members are represented through the Intercollegiate Council (ICC). The ICC convenes to define a policy that steers UVSA’s activities.

2017 – 2018 Intercollegiate Council


Vincent Duong
California State University, East Bay
Vincent is born and raised in San Jose California. In the CSUEB chapter of VSA, he is Intercollegiate Chair Council Representative and Treasurer. In his free time, he goes to music festivals to experience the art of music. Majoring in Hospitality at Eastbay, his goal is to open a coffee shop that is a dog therapy center for people who are stressed as well a place where people could adopt dogs from the shelter.




Christine “xtine”  Huynh
San Jose State University
Christine, “xtine”, was born and raised in San Jose and currently attending San Jose State University as a second-year #sjforlife. She started being involved in the Vietnamese community ever since she joined VSA in her high school and wanted to continue to pursue being involved so she ecstatically joined SJSU VSA club with a full passion in her first year. She is a volleyball player and is currently a volleyball assistance coach at her high school, she’s addicted to garlic, her dog is like her son, she has attempted to stop human trafficking that happened on the 680 freeway back in 2015, she’s a pre-nursing major and is also a certified nursing assistant at American Red Cross, she is quite fluent in Vietnamese but  learned it from watching a lot of Paris By Night growing up and from always translating paperwork to my parents, she has never seen a scary movie in my life, she has attended many mentorship and leadership programs, she loves watching Korean drama, and her brother is autistic so she came up with sign languages and assisted in teaching him English to help him communicate with their family.


Christine Phan
Stanford University
Originally from Tacoma, WA, Christine Phan is a junior at Stanford University studying computer science and urban studies. She loves to dance, cross items off her bucket list, and trigger dust allergies by sitting in old bookstores. Although she’s new to the VSA community, she’s excited to explore what being Vietnamese-American means to her and to connect her college’s VSA community to the larger Bay Area.



Austin Le
University of California, Berkeley
Born and raised in Northern California, Austin Le is one of the two Intercollegiate Council Representatives for the University of California, Berkeley. As a 2nd year at Cal, he intends to double major in Molecular and Cell Biology and Integrative Biology, minor in music, and pursue a career in the field of medicine. He’s also an Assistant Producer for Cal VSA’s 2018 culture show; he has big ideas in store for the cultural dances! He loves gardening, doing crafts, stationery, and playing music. One day he hopes to retire in a house with lots of light for indoor plants and a nice piano so he can give piano lessons to the youth.



Nhu Nguyen
University of California, Berkeley
Originally from Bien Hoa, Vietnam, Nhu Nguyen immigrated to Northern California at the age of seven and was cultivated there. She cares for the Vietnamese American community and is currently one of the two Intercollegiate Representatives for the University of California, Berkeley. As a second year at Cal, she is majoring in Environmental Science and pursuing a credential in CalTeach. Nhu is passionate about environmental and humanitarian causes, and seeks to improve environmental conditions in impoverished communities around the world. She is also absorbed with interests in music, film, the natural world, traveling, and contemporary aesthetics.



Matthew Nguyen

University of California, Davis
Born and raised in Garden Grove, Southern California, Matthew Nguyen is the Intercollegiate Council Representative for the University of California, Davis. As a transfer student going into his fifth year, Matthew is planning on finishing his degree in Economics after this year. By being on board in VSA, Matthew hopes he can make VSA a fun, special, and memorable experience for others around him. When he isn’t participating in VSA activities, he can be found drinking boba, eating Korean bbq, playing tennis, or working out in the gym.



16145457_1105555326234445_990512113_o.jpgKharisma Manglicmot Endigne
University of California, Merced

Kharisma Manglicmot Ensigne, having lived both in Northern and Southern California for both halves of her life, is one of two Intercollegiate Council Representatives for the University of California, Merced. She is a 3rd year Public Health major, looking into minoring in Business Management and later to pursue a career in the healthcare field. If she isn’t juggling around her academics, school clubs & organizations, and internship, she likes to enjoy the company of her friends at music festivals & events, going on trips to anywhere up and down California, and obsessing over corgis.



Christina Nguyen
University of California, Merced
Christina Nguyen was born in Orange County and lived there until she moved to Merced to attend university. She is currently majoring in Environmental Engineering with the passion to push for a society that is more eco-friendly and raise environmental awareness. Now in her third year as a member of VSA, she is one of the Intercollegiate Council Representatives after holding the position of Treasurer for the club. In her free time, Christina enjoys listening to music, reading, and watching animes and dramas. She also loves baking and tennis.


Aline Kieu
University of California, Santa Cruz 
Aline Kieu is from San Jose, CA but originally grew up in Houston, TX and moved to SJ in 2009. In her free time or when she’s not studying, she likes to play tennis and draw. She became interested in the Vietnamese community ever since she joined a lion dance team in San Jose called Buu Kim Tu Lion and Dragon Dance Association about 5 years ago. As an incoming second year, she is working on double majoring in Physics and Math. She is unsure about what career she would like to go into but wants to do something in the STEM field to represent the small community of women in engineering. She has always wanted to be part of a VSA club and feel more connected to her culture, which is why she was so dedicated her first year and hopes to continue to feel even more apart of the Vietnamese community these next 3 years of college.


Anjali Patel
University of the Pacific
Originally from Southern California, Anjali Patel takes pride in being an Intercollegiate Representative for the University of the Pacific. She is currently a sophomore in the 3+3 pre-pharmacy major. She has found a home away from home in UOP’s VSA even though she isn’t Vietnamese she loves the culture. When she isn’t busy with VSA events, she is a part of a professional pharmacy fraternity known as Lambda Kappa Sigma, which promotes women’s health and women in the medical field.