University of California, Davis

 Cabinet Members:

President | Violet Nguyen
External Vice President/ICC Representative | Matthew Nguyen
Internal Vice President | Nhien Nguyen
Treasurer | Dave Dong
Secretary | Tina Pham
Bike-a-thon Chair | Leah Vu
Culture Consultant | Tiffany Pham
Culture Show Director | Mary Pham
Logistics Coordinator | Julian Tran and Veraley Idanan
Publications | Emily Luc

Who We Are & What We Do:

Vietnamese Student Association is a social club at UC Davis founded in 1981. We promote Vietnamese culture on and around campus to everyone interested in the Vietnamese culture; share current events and social issues surrounding the Vietnamese worldwide, and provide philanthropy to Vietnamese-based organizations year-round. We strive to continue the Vietnamese traditions, language, and culture! So join us because together we can make VSA prosper and continue to grow at UC Davis!