University of California, Santa Cruz

Cabinet Members:

President | Andrew Le
External Vice President | Jessica Huynh
Internal Vice President | Miggy Calleja
Secretary | Will Walker
Treasurer | Chris Ho
Historian | Khang Tran & Thomas Linker
Publicity Chair | Hanette Le
Public Relations | Claire Phan
Banquet Coordinator | Khanh Tran & Nam Nguyen
Fundraising Chair | Chris Griffis
Event Coordinator | Chris Yee
ICC | Aline Kieu

Who We Are and What We Do: 

Surrounded by the lush green forest of Santa Cruz, our campus is an amazing place to enjoy nature as you walk around to class. Our VSA aims to unite Vietnamese-American students at UCSC (or anyone else who’s interested)! Together we can learn and share our rich culture, as well as being aware of issues in Vietnam and the Vietnamese community here in the US. Our club brings a positive socializing environment. We have many events that range from socials to charity work.