University of California, Berkeley

Fall 2017 Cabinet Members:

President | Hien Nguyen
External Vice President | TBD
Internal Vice President | TBD
Secretary | Y Nguyen
Academic Chair | Vincent Tran
Retention Chair(s) | Danielle Ngo & Yvonne Vu
Culture Chair(s) | Jacklin Ha & Chau Pham
Outreach Chair(s) | Michael Bui & Trinh Le
Intercollegiate Council Chair(s) | Austin Le & Nhu Nguyen
Finance Chair | Angelica Nguyen
Publicity Chair | Beatrice Bui
Historian | Amy Lee

Who We Are and What We Do: 

The Vietnamese Student Association at the University of California, Berkeley (CalVSA) offers a welcoming community for all students to explore the emerging and historical narratives circulating the Vietnamese American experience. Founded in 1979 by a group of immigrant Vietnamese students at the University, the organization continues to grow, safeguarding an inclusive space for new generations to connect through similar backgrounds and narratives.

CalVSA still upholds the principles that our founders embraced, these principles are summarized through our three pillars of Academics, Community, and Culture. The student body of CalVSA values the opportunities that we had been given to attend and excel at the University, and we endeavor to extend the same opportunities to others in our community. We also recognize the diverse contemporary issues facing our community and we attempt to understand them, to promote awareness about them, and to address them. CalVSA also aims to preserve and learn about our unique Vietnamese heritage and traditions.

At CalVSA, we understand the importance of maintaining an established cultural space on campus so that students are better connected to resources, and so that students will have a platform to raise political/socioeconomic/cultural discussions that are not brought up elsewhere. We open up a community where students can find a home away from home.