San Jose State University

 Cabinet Members:

President Richard Cao
External Vice President Chelsea Nguyen
Internal Vice President Khanh Phan
Secretary Julia Mai
Treasurer Nicole Phan
Publicist Leslie Nguyen
Historian Kevin Phan
ICC Christine Huynh
Cultural Heritage Chair Christina Vo
Cultural Show Producer Kim Tran

Who We Are & What We Do:

The San Jose State Vietnamese Student Association (SJSU VSA) is a student-based organization that was first founded in 1978 to encourage students’ involvement in the Vietnamese community.

Although the myriad of faces has changed and the association’s officers have come and gone, the spirit of VSA remains. Its primary goal is still to be able to reach out to the younger generation and work with them to advance their awareness of the social, economic, and cultural activities surrounding the community.

Furthermore, VSA is an organization that allows each of its members to establish close familial ties, build strong bonds of friendship, and create kindred spirits among the Vietnamese community. This club strongly believes that with the dedication of its members and neighborly aid of its community leaders, we can all make a difference in building a better and brighter tomorrow.