De Anza College

 Cabinet Members:

President Khang Nguyen
External Vice President Linh Nguyen
Internal Vice President | Thuy Tien Nguyen
Secretary Tran Le
Treasurer Thu Vo
ICC Kha Bao
Inter Club Representative  Nguyen Khoi Nguyen
Cultural Show Producer Khiem Duong

Who We Are & What We Do:

The purpose of the club is to celebrate the Vietnamese culture and language through various cultural and traditional activities, as well as, enrich and educate the members and community of Vietnamese tradition. In addition, VSA will provide a means of networking both within and outside the member group while providing multiple opportunities for the members to obtain leaderships skills.

The Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) at De Anza College recognizes the importance of understanding emerging narratives about the Vietnamese American experience and offers a means for the San Jose community to explore this culture. By promoting cooperation and bonding, this organization fosters a greater understanding of issues facing the Vietnamese and Vietnamese American community. Ultimately, DVSA strives to empower its members to become leaders of their communities and preserve the history and heritage of the Vietnamese culture for future generations.

We, the students of the De Anza College and members of the Vietnamese Student Association present the following Constitution consisting of thirteen articles, which will be the foundation for our organization.

  • Academic: to encourage and assist members of DVSA and the Vietnamese community in intellectual development
  • Community: to enhance and promote the welfare of the Vietnamese population
  • Cultural: to preserve and cultivate the Vietnamese heritage and traditions.